Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cute Card Thursday

This was one of the easiest cards ever. I found the most perfect paper...already glittered and ready to be cut. It even had snowflakes on it. I love sparkly paper and the colors are and red. I only wish the photo would do the paper justice. I had color an image to go on the card but decided the paper was too beautiful to cover. I added the image from curly tags from SU. I embossed it with Disco Black to keep the sparkle theme working. The ribbon is velvet ribbon I got at Michaels.

Well yesterday was a day and a half. I drove into the city, 30 minutes away to attend a Doctor`s appointment. I went in early to visit my Mom. When I went to the Doctor`s office and the nurse had such a guilty look on her face. She had been trying to reach me to tell me the doctor was sick. It was snowing and windy...the perfect day to be at home. Well anyhow, she felt bad and I decided to eat out to make me feel like the trip was not useless.

The day had been fairly OK until I got home. I had locked the Golden Retrievers in my son`s apartment to prevent any damage to the decorating. They are good dogs but they like to play. Normally I would put the Golden`s out but it was storming and I wanted them comfortable. Stupid me,,, the mischievous Golden managed to squeeze through the cat door, get upstairs, knock down the gate for the Yorkies and eat and tear a whole pile of decorations from a box. I came home to torn Christmas decorations scattered all over the Family Room. Between wanting to kill the dogs, and dealing with them kissing me to death, I wanted to just leave again...But it was Storming.

Well the dogs are still alive and the Christmas decorations are still partially up. Next time I want to leave them, they are outside no matter what the weather is.

I will post again later tonight but I have to go get the meal for the family together. Talk later.


Andrea, said...

Fab card, love the papers. Thanks for joining in the CCT challenge

Gabigabs said...

The snowflake is fantastic.