Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am Back with Christmas

Guess who has been busy this past few days? Pick me. I have been making invites to the Christmas Open House and making gifts. Fun. Fun. Fun. This is a long post, lots of photos so please enjoy. If you need info on how to make please email me for the info.

This is the invite that will be posted today on the Church Bulletin. It is on a full 8.5 x 11 sheet. Below is an example of the invitations I made for special people. I made 40 of these. The poinsettia is painted with H2Os and then cut out. It is the center of a Impression Obsession stamp.
Now the rest of these photos are not paper crafts but gifts I have made for friends who love Christmas like I do. I used items I got last year after Christmas when they were on the 50% off the already reduced price. None of these cost more than $3 to $5 and were fun to make. So, here we go. Directions available by email. The base of each of these are platters that fit under your dinner plate for dressing (I know they have a name but it flew out of my head).

Angel inside of a glass globe ornament, gorgeous Christmas Martini glass and candle.

#2 Reindeer inside globe with snowflake martini glass and jewelled candle.#3 Made for my Mom who loves angels. I used a rectangle platter and attached 2 golden musical instruments and of course, an angel. Her favorite color is lime green so I added this color of beaded branches.
#4 Silver Beauty using a large wine goblet with a beautiful jewelled ornament and loads of ribbon.
#5 Glass and gold angel inside a large wine goblet with golden tree and beaded votive candle holder.
Time to get ready for Church. I will try to pose again later tonight. I love getting ready for Christmas but until Dec. 6th all I think I will be doing is decorating. I promise lots of photos because our house is `Full of Christmas`.

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Shirley said...

Heather, what a lovely invitation. Who could refuse and your other photos are just wonderful too! Your home must be like Santa's enchanted castle at Christmas.