Friday, October 31, 2008

Nativity Scene Framed

So what do you think of this one? This is an Outline Sticker painted with Twinkling H2Os using a paintbrush. I absolutely loved doing it. First you have to carefully remove the sticker from the sheet. This one was on entirely connected sticker so was very hard to remove. Once off the backing you carefully attach to paper knowing it does not move once it attached to the paper. I found it easiest to measure and draw a line to follow. I used pencil which I erased once the sticker was attached. I attached the sticker to black paper from The Paper Company.

Then I painted the open areas using H2Os. You have to take your time and paint without touching the gold but not leaving any black showing. I enjoy detailed painting so I was in my glory. I only wish I had more paints. I only have 18 colors but I plan on having more...Christmas is coming

I had to find some way to frame this since I knew it was not going out of my home. I used my faithful supplier of frames.....the $ store. I was looking for a panoramic style frame but no luck . I had to use the more expensive (Ha Ha) 8 x 9.5 frame. Once I removed the attractive flower design from the inside I cut a piece gold paper to fit inside and then used dimensional tape to attach the image.

So I am now recuperating from Parent Teacher Interviews. In the past I always said something positive about all my students because each child is someone`s matter how old that baby is. Today I was the parent and I like the teacher part better. One of my boys needs to `get it together`. Nough said about that cause I just calmed down.

Off to prepare for ghostly visitors. Happy Halloween.



Heather said...

Wow this is really cool!!
Happy Halloween!!

Shirley said...

Heather, this is beautiful. I found out from a friend that uses H2O's also, that using the Iridescent H2O's on black leaves very pretty solid colors too. I love yours. Gorgeous!!!