Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tags Anyone?

As I promised a day or two ago, I have some tags that I have been working on. They are, of course, Christmas tags and all have the To and From statement had written on the inside.

I used my nestibilities and they are all cards that open. Quick to make and fun to color. I used the H2Os on all of them just to add a little sparkle. I placed a little double sided tape on all of them though you could punch a hole and attach with ribbon. In our house we seem to always loose ribbon attached tags so we use the taped on ones.

We all slept in today so the morning get off to school/work was all completed in panic form. They have all left me in peace with just the trail of belongings to pick my leisure of course. I have often wonder if any of my kids know how to read a clock. They depend on someone else to remind and nag at them to get up each morning. Oh well, the house is mine again so off to do my laundry and surf for a bit.
Talk later.

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Shirley said...

You never cease to amaze me. These are all just beautiful! Each and every one.