Saturday, August 16, 2008

It`s a Beginning to a New Adventure

So today I decided to give it a go and start a blog. Please forgive all my mistakes and trust me there will be mistakes. Just know that I love stamping, any paper crafts, knitting and basically anything that keeps me from housework.

So how about something I have made. This is my latest love...stampboard and very detailed stamping. I stamped a section of the Thomas Kincade stamp A Perfect Summer Day and then colored it in using H2Os and a few Acrylics. I am showing both sizes of stampboard that I had in. The larger stampboard is two and a half inches circle and the smaller circle had a diameter of two inches. You can see that a smaller amount of the stamp is showing on the smaller one.

I am making magnets out of these two by simply attaching a magnetic strip on the back of the stampboard.

So what do you think.... large or small?

I purchased this stamp at I love that site. The H2Os are from my favorite stamping store a store in Darthmouth, Nova Scotia. I adore shopping there, the owner Dejah is one very talented lady.

Please leave comments and give me any hints on how to make this a great blog.
Until tomorrow...share the joy


Shary said...

Oh my word, how stunning are these?? I'd love to see them close up but when I clicked on your pic it wouldn't come up? Gorgeous work though.

Jacqueline said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I look forward to following your blog. Love that stamp and I can't decide if I like the large or the small version better because I love both. :)