Monday, December 15, 2008

Acrylic Album and More Christmas Decorations

Happy Holidays All. Things are really hoping around here. Last night we went to the most amazing presentation called the Nativity Story. A church had their whole gym set up to look like Bethlehem so that you could experience the world Jesus was born into. It was fantastic and so realistic. Once you walk through this area you went into the Church where a play was presented It was all Wonderful. Such a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas.

Now onto our home. I tried to take a photo to show you one corner of the Acrylic Puzzle I am making for my DH.
I am calling it the Story of Blake. This is the top left section and since it is clear I didn`t know how to attractively photo it...hence boring white. I am having a great time making this. Hope he enjoys it. Section 2 tomorrow.

I have some more photos of our Christmas Home. These are all from our Family Room/Stamping Room. Hope you enjoy them.

1. My wonderful fireplace. The angels on top were a present from DH this year. He bought them in July and gave them to me as a Wedding Anniversary.

The angels hanging underneath are from my childhood. I have loved these since I was a young child. They are probably my most precious decoration.

#3 This is my absolutely favorite decoration. It was made to celebrate our two white and one black. The year we adopted our second child my SIL had this made for us and I love it. It hangs in the livingroom on the large tree...9.5ft.
#4 this is the tree in our Family Room/Stamping Room. All these ornaments are non breakable so the dogs do not cause a great deal of mess. They do love to roll ornaments around after they (actually just the puppy) get them off the tree.
#5 Tree decorated with only angels.#6 The tree and angels on my shelves behind my desk. I have to put away everything on this top shelf so that we can decorated the top. Blue material hangs infront to cover my shelves. I hate this material.

#7 This beautiful Nativity set was given to us and it is on the shelf above the family computer.

#8 My angel collection is found on the stand that was built to surround my DH`s very large TV.

Happy Holidays



Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Beautiful home!!!! I LOVE the snow on your blog!!! :)))

Shirley said...

Your decorations are wonderful, beautiful in fact!!! Thanks for sharing your project with your hubby too! It's really so cute and adorable too! I appreiciate your decorations with your adopted. My daughter recently adopted from Ethiopia and you have given me some ideas to help him interact with the season. They celebrate Christmas very differently there.

Carolyn King said...

What a neat gift!!! LOVE your nativity scene--it is amazing!

retiredheather said...

Hello, Heather! I visited your enchanting holiday blog and wanted to leave a comment, but it won't accept a comment from me without a Google or Blogger account. It won't take my URL or let me leave any kind of comment at all. But I sure wanted to tell you how I love the photos you shared of your home, decorated for the holidays. Those trees--exquisite! I have a friend who goes all out for Christmas decorations--every square inch of every room. It's like Santa's house at the North Pole. Quite a chore to bring it all out and put it away every year, but an absolute delight for visitors.

Thank you so much for sharing! Merry Christmas!

-- Leslie

Maria said...

Wow, Heather! How many trees do you have? They are all so pretty. Your house must be very festive on Christmas!! It must take a month to decorate your house!!

Love your layout too! Beautifully done!! I need to start working on some layouts too! It's been a while since I scrapped a layout!! Yours turned out wonderfully!!