Wednesday, December 17, 2008

As Promised Christmas Decor Again

I promised I would show the village at night all lite up. Here is one of the village all ablaze.
Now isn`t that something! It is so gorgeous in real life. But now onto the Dining Room.
#1 The table all set. The chairs have covers on them ...snowman or Santa.
#2 My 90 year old Mom made the angels that hold the silver. She had them done just in time for the Open House.
#3 The theme for this room is snowman. The buffet under the window shows Snowland. Oops, I forgot to turn the lights on in the tree.
#4 The sideboard on the other corner of the room also is covered with Snowmen but I remember to turn on the tree.#5 A china case holding....guess what.....yes Snowmen.

So, what do you think of the dining room....snowman central? I must thank all who are commenting. It does make a person feel great. I plan on having something craft like to post tomorrow. We are in crisis in the house...someone took my craft scissors and I cannot make anything! I am about to phone the police because `no on`in this house has taken it!
Talk tomorrow.
Happy Holidays

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Poppy said...

wow,your home looks absolutely stunning.