Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Section 2 Acrylic Album/More Decorations

Well I finally have the album done. This is section 2 and the photos are our family...one section only. These are our boys and nieces and nephews. I have decided that my most hated part of blogging is taking photos involving acrylic! I want you to know that this looks so much better in real life...no flash reflection.
I wish you could see the shimmer/shine from this `family`acrylic piece. I should have ordered it in color but I choose clear and had to outline the letters with stickles...lots of sparkle now. The star is grungeboard painted with Twinkling H2Os.

Now onto the decor of our Christmas Home. These photos are from our Living Room.

#1 This is our 9.5 ft tree. It is so full of decorations and revolves. Couldn`t show this in the photo but it slowly turns so you can see the entire tree.
The treetop is a Black Angel...a baby gift for our second adopted son. Friends also made the Doll angel in the top right hand corner. She is made using a baby doll and a tomato stand. She is beautiful but this year the glue from a glue gun had turned yellow so had to be covered. We used snow from a can to try and hide some of the yellow. Guess I need to make a new dress for next year.

#2 is the fireplace scene. My father did the painting for us the year we were married...just before he passed. It had always hung in our living room at Christmas.
#3 Is the Water scene of our `small`village. Three years ago my husband`s mother passed and he decided to honor her at Christmas with a village. It started with 10 homes but now has many more. I think it has reached the `addiction`stage for DH. He takes all my Michael`s coupons and that is simply not correct.
#4 the circus of the village.#5 / #6 The Mountain Scene of the Village followed by the village service center.#7 This is the largest section and it is the town center.I will take a photo showing it altogether and lite hopefully later this week. My good lens for my camera had to be sent away to be fixed and they phoned today to say it was back. It will allow me to photo the entire village and show it all connected...hopefully.

So are you beginning to get the drift...we are addicted to Christmas in this home. My sons threaten us with a massive yard sale each year...but demand it all go up each year.

So off to wrap presents...not my favorite job. I always seem to be hunting...tape, scissors, tags, pen. When I finally find them all, the fun is gone. But I do love watching someone open their gift and choosing them/making them is great fun. So talk later.

Happy Holidays



Renée said...

Wow, Heather, this is fabulous decorating! LOVE the village! My in-laws have a village that they put up on the fireplace mantle and it's slowly moving to other areas too. I've always loved the look!

~Michelle~ said...

oh my! And all the snowflakes on the walls too!! Wowza! Enjoy your holidays!!

Maria said...

Love your layout, Heather!! Beautiful job. . .I can see the shimmers. . .it's very pretty!

Holy! Your house is a winter wonderland with all the lovely villages! I love them all.

I've never heard of a revolving tree but what a fantastic idea! Must be fun for the tree to revolve around!! Your decorations are so fun and so pretty!!


Trina said...

I've just had a good look through all the pictures of your home, and you are amazing girl!! I can't even imagine how much time it must have taken to get everything done! The decorations are gorgeous! I collect angels too, but my collection isn't even a quarter of what yours is! Beautiful!