Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sections 3 &4 Acrylic Album and Blog Candy Alert

It seems fitting that today I show this section of my DH`s gift...the animals. Yesterday started off terribly. I had let the dogs (6) out for their morning run in our fenced in yard. This yard is attached to the back deck where we have a pool. Yesterday was a normal Dec. morning in the Maritimes 4* Celsius and the pool was almost completely frozen. Its the almost in life that cause so much pain and yesterday was an example. I checked on the dogs and then decided about 5 min. later that it was awfully cold for the little ones so I went to let them back in as soon as the family all left for school or work. The problem was apparent as soon as I went to the door...the little pup had fallen into the pool and was drowning! I used my cane to lift her out and she was unable to walk. I think she had been in the pool about 5 minutes but she was in a terrible state. I grabbed towels and blankets and rubbed and rubbed. Thank God for speaker phones because I was able to call my husband to come back home and help...this is the favorite pup in the house and I was not sure I could save her alone. She was in a really bad state. We rubbed and used a blow dryer to get her warmed up. I had put her next to my body and that and the rubbing seemed to help. Finally she perked up and I am proud to say she live to order us all around again.

Our dogs are a part of our family so this was a horrible time. The pup is pictured in the top left corner and only weighs 3 pounds so she was in a really bad spot.

The final section is supposed to sum it all up. I noticed that one of the stars had fallen off and has since been glued back on. This is our human family and I wrote the center section.
I tried to be real in this...not too lovey dovey. I mean what I wrote and I know it will be a precious gift for my husband...the great guy.
For some reason I seemed to have lost the enlarger on my photos and I realize you couldn`t read this so here is what it says:

The Story of Blake
Who is this man that some call Dad, others Boss and I call...well sometimes Idiot but always My Dear Husband. This is the man who loves to go to auctions and yard sales to buy those, oh so special, Christmas items. This is also the man who demands that we all tidy up everyplace. This man has gone to hockey games, ballgames and driven boys to all kinds of activities. This is the man who you don`t take to the SPCA unless you have room for one more animal. This is the man who loves celebrations that allow him to dress up or to decorate. Finally this is the man who makes our family complete, who looks after us all, and who loves us and we love him.

I now have to find out what color his new office is to be. He moves into it on Monday next week. I plan on attaching the puzzle together and framing it on a coordinated board. The local hardware store will hopefully cut it to size for me. I will take a photo to show the finished project.
Found a new blog to day and she has blog candy. Go on over and check it out.

Be back later with next set of Decoration photos.
Happy Holidays


Torill said...

Great LO!!!
And thanks for taking part on my candy:-)

Trina said...

I'm so glad that your dog was ok. I bet your heart just stopped!! I know that's how I would have felt if it happened to me...that's how it feels every time the dogs somehow manage to get out of the fence anyways!!