Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finishes Mini Album Plans for Candy

First off there is some beautiful blog candy available at
1. . Go over and check out all the goodies and the wonderful work she has on her blog.
2. has a whole line of new stamps coming out called Sherbert and you could win 9 of them. Go check this out as well.

Surf away... oops before you go take a look at the finished project. There a lots of photos and little info from me...I know you can figure all this out yourself. If you need info on anything please email me. goes:

And Finally...the finished front cover followed by the back outside cover.I created a small chain on the outside holding a dog charm, fire hydrant and brown buttons. I love the quote on the back.
I had fun doing this but I am glad it is finally done...time to start something new. I bought some great stuff at the sale yesterday so who knows what I will start next. I am thinking blog candy. Check back tomorrow for some news. My birthday is fast approaching and I think its time for me to share some gifts. Come back tomorrow.


megastamper said...

wow heather, what a wonderful and amazing work ... really cute puppies.
hugs, bea

L.Nielsen said...

I agree with Megastamper... This is amazing work. If only I could do something like this! This is just gorgeous! I wonder how long it took for you to do something like this?
Lynda =)

Shirley said...

What a beautiful ending for a really beautiful project! Love everything you did with these cutie pies! Beautiful!!!