Friday, January 9, 2009

The Letters of Space

Well I`m done doing most of the decorating for my wonderful new stamping space. I made these chipboard letters to put up on the wall. I still have to get some ticky tac so I am showing them off the wall. When I put my final photos in of my new space you will see that it spells
heather`s space. So here they are:

Second word:

I am still having loads of fun sorting through all my `stuff`as my family calls it. It is so fantastic to be able to find and use all the goodies I have. Before they were either lost in the mess or underneath all the other stamping goodies.
I have to finish the room tonight since I am having friends over tomorrow to scrap. This will be so much fun. I have even got some of my material ready...usually I`m throwing it all together at the last moment.
Well I`m off to go to the grocery store and put myself in debt...teenage boys are never, never finished eating. I hear the fridge open all day and all night for à little something`. What makes me crazy is that they are all so fit...not the least bit overweight. I look at food and it finds a place to settle in for life. I hate grocery shopping but at least one of the boys is coming with me so that makes it more fun...and more expensive...see it, need it....Mom for it. All Mom`s know this routine.
Talk later


Shirley said...

Wow~! What beautiful letters....I want every one of them and I can spell something different or call myself Heather too! LOL These are phenomenal! Works of art, each one!

Shirley said...

I also need to let you know that you have an award waiting for you on my blog, Heather. I love your blog and all of your creations.