Thursday, April 2, 2009

And the Winner is.....

I have found a winner! To give some clues who has won this Tilda

Well first off the winner is from the it you?

She is a it you?

She is of the zodiac sign Taurus...? More clues needed? As they do on TV check back right after this commercial.

Back from commercial. Next clue....the winner lives in Glasgow. So far the winner is a teacher living in Glasgow in the UK and is a Taurus so for the final clue....she has a very short username.

That's all the clues so I will now open the envelope and read out the winner of this Tilda........... Fi. That's right Fi you have won so send me an email so I can mail this cutie out to you. Watch for another win in the next month.



1 comment:

Fi said...

I'm a teacher...

I'm a taurean...

I live in Glasgow...

I have a short username...

IT'S ME!!! :-)

I've just emailed you, Heather- thanks so much!