Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Black Magic Bouquet

Just a note...this is a round card photographed on black paper.
I made this card for yesterday`s challenge on SCS...Black Magic. To do this, you stamp in white and color in with Prismacolor Pencils and OMS. It must be done on black paper. The hardest part for me was to find a stamp with enough open space to color in. I do love my detailed stamps. In order for the colors to pop, you have to make sure you don`t color the white stamp outline, so detail stamps are not useful. I used a SU stamp....Delight in Life.

I used masks to create this bouquet. I decided to do the flowers in fairly light colors...blue ,pink, purple. I used a green metallic pencil for the leaves. The center of each flower is green with crystal effects and microbeeds.

I used ribbon to tie it together.

Today everybody is back to school/work and I have my home back again....Yeah. Great to see them more in the summer but wow do they have social lives. Always on the go and sleep is the least important part of their lives. Now I can tell them to get to bed for school tomorrow. What a feeling of Power...hey give me a few kicks.

Must go ...laundry day and the puppies are calling. This is the last week they will be here so I have to enjoy them.


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chelemom said...

oooooohhhh very pretty! I have yet to try this technique! IT really is striking!